THEOLOGICAL REVIEW was first published in 1929 by the central of the Czechoslovak Church under the original name of THE RELIGIOUS REVIEW OF THE CZECHOSLOVAK CHURCH, the role of editor-in-chief taken on by Professor of New Testament PhDr. et ThDr. František Kovář. You can read in the introduction to the first issue, for example:

“The first general congress of delegates of the Czechoslovak Church, held on the first anniversary of the foundation of the Church on 8 and 9 January 1921 in Prague, also resolved to publish a religious review, to issue a library of religious and theological files and, finally, to modify the theological study of our church.

…The task of the review is to publish specialised articles on issues of importance for the internal development of and work on the ideology and thought of the church, and thus for the mission of the church in our nation: to build life in the Czechoslovak nation, private and public, on religious foundations and to create a Czechoslovak religious culture.

…It is also important, and necessary for the formation of religious thought, to know what is written and printed, religious, philosophical, scientific, and artistic creation, if this is relevant to our work, and to take a position on it. That is also what the review aims to do.”

(Prague, April 1929. Editorial staff)

The magazine has taken and cultivated this line throughout the history of its publication. It is understandable, though, that the line became more specific over time. The name of the review changed twice during the twentieth century, for the first time in 1968 when it was published under the name of THE THEOLOGICAL REVIEW OF THE CZECHOSLOVAK HUSSITE CHURCH. Publication of the review was taken up by the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague in 1991, and the name of the review changed for the second time. It became an academic magazine, but one that also reaches far into applied science. You will now find the magazine under the abbreviated title of THEOLOGICAL REVIEW. It is up to date and responds to the needs of contemporary science and society as they arise.

THEOLOGICAL REVIEW is published four times a year. It is included in the register of peer-reviewed, non-impact periodicals published in the Czech Republic and has been included in the EBSCO Publishing database since 2019.

Editorial staff

Editor-in-chief: Prof. ThDr. Jan Blahoslav Lášek, Dr. h. c.
Deputy Editor: doc. ThDr. Kamila Veverková, Ph.D.
Secretary Responsible for the Editorial Team: ThDr. Marketa Langer, Ph.D.

Editorial Board

prof. PhDr. Alexander Kolesnyk, DrSc. (Berlin)
prof. ThDr. Jan Blahoslav Lášek, Dr. h. c. (Hussite Theological Faculty, Charles University)
prof. ThDr. Karel Skalický, Th.D. (Faculty of Theology, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice)
prof. Dr. Thomas Kothmann (Universität Regensburg)
prof. zw. Dr. hab. Czeslaw Glombik (Silesian University in Katowice)
prof. Dr. Peter Kónya, PhD., Dr.h.c. (University of Presov)
doc. Dr. Olexandr Bilash PhD (Uzhhorod National University)
doc. ThDr. Jiří Vogel, CSc. (Hussite Theological Faculty, Charles University)
doc. ThDr. Kamila Veverková, ThD. (Hussite Theological Faculty, Charles University)
doc. PhDr. Bedřich Nosek, CSc. (Hussite Theological Faculty, Charles University)
doc. PhDr. Pavel Boček, CSc. (Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University)
ThDr. Petr Šandera, Th.D. (Czechoslovak Hussite Church)
PhDr Jiří Beneš, (Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences)
Rev. Georgy Kochetkov (St. Philaret‘s Orthodox Christian Institute, Moscow)
Dr. L. J. Mussina (St. Philaret‘s Orthodox Christian Institute, Moscow)
Dr. Peter Wörster (Herder-Institut, Marburg)
† Dr. Theol. Wolfgang Stingl (Institut für Kirchengeschichte von Böhmen, Mähren und Schlesien, Nidda (Federal Republic of Germany)
† prof. Hans-Dieter Döpmann (Berlin)

Typography and design

Typography and design: ThDr. Marketa Langer, Ph.D.
Cover: Josef Karhan
Print: PBprint a.s.
ISSN 1211 7617